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What is Branding?


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 “A brand is a promise, a commitment. 

You need to know yourself to know your brand”

~Vinh Van Lam


As a new start up, how you present yourself, and how you’re perceived, is going to be a critical factor in your success.

Your brand is literally your essence. It builds on who you are and what you stand for.

Rather than pretending to be someone you’re not, or adopting some fake persona, we’d suggest that the easiest way forward is to consider your “Personal Brand” as the promises you make to people…

Promises about yourself…

Promises about your product…

Promises about how people will feel because of you, your product and services. 

Making Promises are the keys to build your brand, It keeps you honest because it forces you out of imagination and into action. You become known by the promises you deliver.

Successful businesses make lots of promises. Lots of promises to lots of people. The more promises you make and fulfill, the stronger your personal brand becomes. 

Promises and commitments are how we build our identity. We make promises to people every day: We loan them a book, or deliver a job, or a call back.

You are the commitments you make and the promises you keep. That’s how you become known for. So, be careful what you promise.

So, now that we’ve established the easiest way to consider our personal brands; how do we go about deciding what our personal brand promises could be?

Let’s look at five key elements that you can use to construct your personal brand in some more detail.

Where do you personally stand in relation to these five key elemental areas?

What’s important to you?

Who are you?

Who do you aspire to be?

Attitude – Understand that you can accomplish virtually anything when you think you can. You will always get what you expect to get. Positive attitude manifests positive attitudes and serves to attract people to your brand. Perhaps you’ve heard of the law of attraction? “Like attracts like”. If you’re a person that keeps their promises; you;re likely to attract others that keep theirs too.

Belief – With faith in yourself and a firm believe in your brand, you can always persevere through all sorts of trials and tribulations. With an outwards showing of sincere confidence and belief you’ll be surprised by synchronicity. Circumstances and people will come to you, like a magnet. A sincere belief in yourself will draw people to your personal brand.

Values – These are the principles that inspire you everyday. Your values are the driving forces that make you want to live your life to the fullest. To have fun, to be authentic, to have lots of energy, to live a life full of joy, and to deliver on your creative promise.

Integrity – This critical element of trust is how you commit yourself to the promises you make to yourself, and the promises you make to others. It’s how you hold yourself accountable to yourself and to others.

Commitment – When you are fully committed to your purpose, to your integrity, and to your values, you take on a sense of urgency that’s hard to beat. When you show a complete and full commitment to what you do, you’ll begin to find that other people start to share your beliefs in your brand.

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