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Marketing Series: Part 2 – Besting your brand beacons


Last week part one of “The Brand Online Advocacy”. We talked about customer retention is key and how for any businesses it is so much easier to sell your brand and products to your existing customer thean try to pitch to the new customer.

So you have your brand advocates, or beacons, in customers that will bring you in extra trade, but how do you keep them alive, fresh and on their toes?

Remember , a brand representative will eventually get apathetic and start looking for something new and lose focus. While brands, such as Coca Cola, have worked hard to get a base of brand advocates, they are largely in the minority.

So the best way to keep your brand beacons shining on is to keep them happy. How? Simple. Deliver on the customer service.

By fostering a great experience for customers, you can build amazing relations to enable them to continue advertising your brand.

You need to keep besting your best – delivering customer service that’s better than the last time. By going the extra mile you can meet their expectations and fulfill their belief in the brand.

Why not ask what they want? Feedback and reviews will keep them invested in your interest – and your online presence. You can get to understand their needs and build a better base upon which to keep them happy.

It makes the customer feel wanted, appreciated and involved. And if they feel they are molding the brand, they are more likely to view their relationship as personal and important.

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