A wonderful space with a great community!

“The CoSydney space has been great with great amenities, beautiful art and a relaxing atmosphere. Community building events help bring creatives together and the network created by the coworking space is a great resource!”

Alex Hammond
Founder- Sydney Comics Guild

Light filled and friendly atmosphere

“CoSydney has a fantastic vibe as soon as you walk in, with beautiful artworks exhibited throughout the space and changed regularly. We love working on our top floor loft level where we enjoy our own private space but still get to enjoy the collaborative space downstairs with other co-workers. Craig, Vinh and Stuart are incredibly friendly and accommodating.”

Annabelle Smith
Founder- Social Playground

Savvy and central

“Great art and modern work spaces and they all come with a cappuccino on call! Being in a creative space makes all the difference when you need to ‘be creative’ on demand. Just a walk down the road from Central station, your new work space or meeting room awaits you, right in the hottest art precinct in Sydney! Environment and accessibility is everything, and this place has both. With continual art shows exhibiting, wifi and hot desks when I need them, I can be at my best for any client. And the best thing is that I get to choose how often I need the space. Open 7 days a week also helps me plan. Bravo to the team of CoSydney for providing work spaces that are not only great for producing but where I can be inspired as well.”

Kristine Ballard
Visual Artist – Kristine Ballard

A welcoming work space with a balance of the commercial and artistic

“I like working at ArtSHINE Gallery and CoSydney – not only is it a supportive environment, but the gallery owners have a good understanding of the commercial and the artistic. Artists can be tech entrepreneurs too, and I think that many typical accelerators and co-working spaces can forget that people can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and need to be nurtured in different ways. ArtSHINE, however, remembers that, and they try and help build business skills in people who may otherwise be unfamiliar with that sort of thing, and vice versa. All-in-order, ArtSHINE is a nexus for people of mostly artistic (but also technological) backgrounds, and that gives it a unique feeling, and makes it an unusual but helpful space. I’ve met lots of interesting people from different backgrounds there already, and I think it’s helped me develop as a person too.”

Queenie Chan
Manga & Comic Book Writer/Artist – Queenie Chan

Wonderfully appointed space, convenient location, and gracious hosts

“I have been visiting CoSydney since its opening. The space is conveniently located close to Central Park/Broadway and the small bars, cafes and galleries around the Chippendale Creative Precinct. There is a friendly buzz in the space. A number of creative companies work in the office space and there is good coffee and tasty treats on offer. What’s not to like?”

Gabby Malpas
Licensing Artist – Gabby Malpas

Creative work space with fresh art updated regularly

“A fun, bright, vibrant workplace with a chilled, happy art gallery setting. The art on the walls changes every few weeks, keeping things fresh. There are the usual happy regulars using the space there and there’s also a steady stream of new faces to make networking possible. Cafe staff are friendly and deliver coffee to your desk. Every few weeks there’s also a new art exhibition opening there, of which you get an invite. Vinh the owner there is a real nice guy and is welcoming for any suggestions on any social event you’d like to have there. The space is more a creative arts focussed type space, although I believe Vinh welcomes all types of businesses and startups and always has the time to give a few business pointers if you need. Well worth the visit!”

Christopher Drew
Artist – Studio Bosozoku

A place to be to release your creativity

“I was initially attracted to CoSydney because of the art space, after I got to know their coworking space it become a perfect match for me. The 4 floors of this place are filled with natural light. It has a beautiful outdoor deck. This is a multi purpose place and it’s run very successfully by the owners, multiple events can happen at the same time and yet there’s no interruption. Artworks are changed regularly, there are mini workshops and seminars in the conference area, Coffee shop at ground floor. Collaboration areas are available everywhere, both in door and out door. There are also carefully cultivated plants, greens and flowers that makes the place feel like an oasis. There are a lot of events and collaboration and social opportunities once you are in CoSydney CoWorking. The location is perfect. It’s within the fringe of Sydney, right in the arts community. It’s easy to be to by public transport and close to shopping and food.”

Irina Shaw
Partner – Barefoot n Hungry