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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Gold

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In chemistry, gold has an element number of 79, with a molecular mass of approximately 198 units. This begs the question: why elevate gold to more significance than the rest of its elemental brethren, such as copper, platinum and even silver?

The answer is that gold has many intrinsic properties which are not usually found in any other elements (many of these other elements are inaccessible, which makes them comparatively uneconomical) – such as high density, extreme malleability and abundant radiance. The brilliant yellow hues of gold are the primary reason why history has placed so much value on this precious metal.

Tools which were precious 3000 years ago have been virtually phased out by modern substitutes. Yet gold has managed to remain unfazed by technological evolution. The world still continues to place revered attachment towards the yellow metal, and while numerous substitutes have been designed to challenge gold’s stubborn position as ‘safe haven’, none have managed to make any significant headway. Some of these challengers include cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, which at the time of this article’s writing has a value of $4487.

But cryptocurrency have an element of risk attached to them, for example, the value of bitcoins can become worthless in a matter of days when investors begin to lose interest – a fact which is even politely mentioned on their official website.

So why should you invest in gold instead of a host of other substitutes?

1) Gold is always secure against inflation

Gold has served as an excellent means of preserving one’s own wealth whenever the value of the Australian dollar has depreciated. The past decade has shown that while gold prices experience massive bouts of surge, the stock market has been plunging to the ground.

2) Gold is always in demand

Australians continue to attach a high importance to gold because of the huge impact it has had on the Australian economy and its development. When Edward Hargraves discovered traces of gold in Bathurst, an idea sparked like a bulb in his brain. He realized that areas which have similar geological features would contain substantial amounts of gold. This started a period of the ‘gold rush’ in Australia, trebling its population and flourishing its economy.

3) Gold is in low supply

The global world supply of gold has substantially decreased since the early 90s because production from mines has slowed. It can take up to a decade before a new gold mine becomes operational. This constrained supply of gold means that it will continue to experience strong surges in price and hold unparalleled stability in the market.

4) Gold has stood the test of time

Throughout its 5000+ year history, gold has maintained its value despite fluctuations in the economy. Gold is universally acceptable and is accepted as currency in any part of the world.

5) Low correlation with other assets

Gold has virtually no correlation with stocks, bonds or other commodities. It is somewhat, loosely tied with silver and oil, but their impact is not substantial enough to amount to much. This diversifies your portfolio, reducing your risks and giving significant gains. The low correlation of gold is even more true when applied towards a long time frame.

Having said this, now is the time for you to invest in gold and Gold Stackers Australia is just what you need to protect your assets. Gold Stackers Australia caters to all types of investors and carries all forms of gold, whether they are coins, bullions or bars.

The yellow hunk of metal will continue to hold a significant position in the Australian and global economy, both in the short run and the long run, come what may. An insurgency by cryptocurrency or havoc brought about by geopolitical instability will not be able do it any harm.  

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