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Do you have the fear factor?


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Ever wondered what fear is all about. FEAR – False Expectations Appearing Real!

Fear is simply that. It only exists in our minds. So it’s critical to keep focused on what is real.

By letting your fears consume you, you potentially sabotage all your efforts which in turn help you justify what you feared in the first place.

Fear is an interesting emotion and also unpleasant at the best of times. We all seem to experience fear from time to time and for some, more than usual.

We don’t like being fearful, but many people are so used to this experience it becomes second nature: the minute you are faced with a new challenge or unpleasant situation your fear automatically kicks in.

So if you combine fear with head chatter, the thought becomes very real. Such head chatter includes: “If I don’t do this… this will happen…” “what if…” “I’m too scared to find out the truth then I have to deal with the truth…” Sound familiar?

How many times have you come across great opportunities and were so excited only for fear and head chatter to kick in. Then you don’t follow through with your decision.

I know you can come up with many reasons and excuses to why you did not follow through. The truth is you were scared and the feeling of fear stopped you from taking action.

Fear is game that plays with your mind. Fear consists of a collection of thoughts. They are thoughts that project into the future. It’s based upon what you have experienced in the past and therefore what you think is going to happen.

But the future is only a promise. It hasn’t happened yet. The past has gone. What you have recalled of the past is a collection of memories in your mind of what you think has happened.

Your thoughts and feelings create your focus, and this decides what you’ll experience in life.

This fearful situation becomes a problem if you fall into this trap long term and if you are unable to step out of it. Any of your fear thoughts can actually become reality as you are the key creator of this emotion.

Remember your thought is a powerful one, there is this saying: “You are what you think, what you think is what you focus on and what you focus on is what you get.”

So, if fear is believable, then you are making a wrong turn when it comes to its reality. Reflect on this from Lucille Ball:

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

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