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Conquer fear to succeed!


What stops you succeeding or failing?

The answer is often the same: fear. And until you understand what lies behind that fear, you can’t move on.

When we say ‘Fear of success,’ we allow our emotions to swamp our mindset. What you’re experiencing is the Feelings State. And most likely beliefs that are causing that are unconscious. Hence the uncertainty: is it success or failure, or both you fear?

So shift those beliefs, and notice what you’re telling yourself about the action you’re afraid to take. Often, we miscategorize it and call it procrastination. You may feel pulled to take any action EXCEPT the critical one. When you operate from fear you manifest the very thing you’re afraid of. Keep everything in perspective.

Now address the emotion of fear. It’s simply an emotion, like happiness or anger. By moving past your fear, the first step is to acknowledge that it’s there. Facing fear, feeling it and moving through it won’t be easy.

But to move beyond it, you must own it. Head into fear and thrive on it: it will create amazing results in your career and life. After all, fear can be a wonderful thing.

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