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Unsure of how to draw the best from cowork space issues and get your business running smoothly? Then check out these options to get you on the right track to success:

Vibe and values: Weigh up the coworker, their outlook and consider what they bring to the table to make yours and their environments profitable, fun and efficient.

Synergy: Networking and communicating is a great way to build synergy with coworkers for the future. So assess the space, see if the coworkers rock and if a combo-action can gell, particularly if you’re in the same industry.

I need space: Tackling the space you work in should be taken with a critical eye as you’ll need the elbow room to work, the space to grow, and a spare room for those important client meetings.

Extras: It’s not just the space, so remember to check internet, phone lines and printer availability. Always assess the sharing component of any cowork space.

Fixes: We’re not talking about illegal highs, but every co-work needs a caffeine fix and food at some point in the day. So check out the kitchen and nearby cafes for that daily fix.

Openings: Check out the cowork opening times to ensure you are not last in the queue. Ensure it fits your bill and your business’s. A 24/7 work space is ideal for bedheads!

Distractions: Settle in to the space first and check out the noise levels. If you find them distracting then quit and head for a quieter space.

Location: This can make or break a cowork space so check out public transportation, car parking and where it is for ease of access.

Part of the furniture: Which basically means can you claim your cowork space reliably every day. Grab that space and own it!

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