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Reverse and be work-happy


It has to be said that many of us do not enjoy the job we are in. Fact.

You can run out all the excuses for not feeling overjoyed in work, but have you ever thought that happy and work can be said positively in the same sentence. Yep, just realise that your ideas about work and happiness maybe just backwards.

Live to work: That whole concept is wrong. Reverse it: you work to live. If anything, it’s your job to make you improve your lot in life. Your job doesn’t define you but it is a ladder to financial independence. Without a job, you can’t move positively in life.

Hard work: Rubbish. No job is easy, but take the reverse view: redefine difficulties as challenges and knock them down. Each one will improve you as a person.

Pleasure in the Job Puts Perfection in the Work written on chalk

Job haters: We all know them, those that look at a job upwards and see only negatives. Reverse the view, reach for the positives and look down on the job. Live in the moment rather than bleat about it and seeing things in a different light.

I’m better than this: If that’s the case, then you have ambition and drive, but don’t think too far ahead. Make today’s job good, use it to help you improve performance and a step up the ladder of success. Dedicated and happy worker always go places.

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