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Keep going and Never give up!

Last week, I spoke to a client who was so down he was on the point of giving up his passion

for his design business.

We all go through these ups and downs: even as a personal coach I felt like this too and

wanted to give up. If you get like this, you need to take a break, have a deep breath and

review your current situation.

From that coaching session, it reminded me that a lot of you are probably struggling to make

your business work. There’s nothing wrong with that: every business is different, the way

your business  develops isn’t going to be the same as others.

So get the perspective!

Whether you’ re developing your new business and you have no idea if you’re doing anything

correctly or you’ve been established for years, yet feel you’ve reached a dead end in

terms of creativity, this sort of thing happens to us all.

In fact, it doesn’t just strike every business owner: it hits everyone and in any businesses. Let me tell you a little story. First of all, I love what I do. I’m a coach for the creative industry and I have the opportunity of doing what I love and help my clients to achieve their goals and dreams. It’s the most flexible job I could ask for: it’s rewarding to coach and write blogs such as this that helps readers. It’s fun and I enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been times when I’ve wanted to throw in the white towel, toss my laptop in the bin, and give up.

Despite the perks, there have been times where I’ve said I’m sick of running my own business and want to work under someone instead. In fact, there have been times where I’ve been dead serious about giving up too. Then something happens, usually within 24 hours later, that makes me realise that despite feeling as if I’m tired of my work, ultimately I’m right where I want and need to be! What get me going are the kind words of my clients, and other times I have a moment of clarity where I’m reminded why I enjoy doing what I do in the first place.

So always remember why do you want to create your business in the first place?

We all have moments where we want to give up: we’d be crazy if it didn’t happen to the best of us. We’re human, and as such we allow our emotions to get the best of us from time-to-time. If things don’t go our way, it’s a recipe for making us feel as if it’s time to move on. But don’t!

Here’s my quote of the day:

“If you climb Everest and look back, you can see your journey. Give up half-way and you slide back down where you began. I know only of a few people who have achieved their dreams. But I know a whole lot more who gave up on the way. Yet those that kept going and achieved their dreams were glad they kept going. Those that gave up, tell me they wish they’d kept going. So keep working, stay motivated and focussed, and you’ll achieve your equivalent of Everest. Don’t quit, keep going!”

~Vinh Van Lam

If you keep challenge yourself ,you’re going to be thankful and grateful every morning that

you kept going. When you feel like giving up and doing something else, don’t.

Keep working on your business, keep learning, keep building  your brand, and remember the quote above.

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To your success,

Vinh Van Lam CoSydney & ArtSHINE

Creative Coach

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