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How to set purpose goals?


“It’s your Passion that drives your purpose to achieve your goals”

-Vinh Van Lam

There are some basic principals of goal setting:

1. It’s critical that you own your goals and ensure that they have real and genuine meaning for you.

2. It’s critical that your goals written down and put on paper. Think about how you can make

them visible so you can see them every day. That way they’ll always be

3. Write your goals in present tense as if you’ve already attained them.

4.Use positive language. Frame things in ways like… “I will…” I do…” rather than “I don’t…”

“I won’t…”

5. It’s important that your goals is D.A.R.E.S:

  • a. Detailed
  • b. Achievable
  • c. Realistic
  • d. Exciting
  • e. Specific

6. It’s critical that your goals be measurable and that you establish clear milestones for their


Identify your Short , Middle and Long term goals

* STG: Goals that are reachable in a short time in a day, week or within month.

* MTG: Goals that fall in the middle like 6 to 12 months

* LTG: Goals that you have no clues how to get there and they will challenge you. You also feel the fear because they are out of your comfort zone .

  • Break down the activities and tasks into small chunks, more achievable action steps.
  • Commit a date when you want it to complete

7. Delegate or appoint yourself or some one else to do the task.

8. Validate your tasks and make sure the task is actioned at a specific time frame. e.g. by Wed 15 April

9. Review you goals regular and record you learning from the goals.

At Quantum Compass we’ve been working with clients on what we call the OPIC planner:

OPIC stands for:

  • Objective
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Commitment
  • To learn more about OPIC goal planner please email to:

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