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We shad a client who was, through our coaching, extremely focused on business, revenue and client growth. She was excellent at applying our marketing and business development tools, and generated significant growth and profit to the point she was swimming in cash.

But that didn’t last. She called me in a panic stating she was losing clients and couldn’t establish why.

The cause was simple: feedback revealed dissatisfied clients were voting with their feet and cancelling contracts as they were unhappy with product quality issues. What she’d built with a flourish came crashing down in cancelations.

You may well get seduced by the bulging profit line, but more importantly is keeping customers happy, satisfied and coming back to do business. Customer satisfaction is king and the key to your long-term success.

Take a look at where your focus is: if you spend too much on marketing and selling, and none on excellent service delivery, it’s time for action.

Zero in on creating raving fans out of your current customers. You’ll ensure a base of revenue that will allow you to reinvest back into sales and marketing to enable your business to grow successfully and steadily.

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