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Brilliant team building ideas for your business

Group of ten teenagers jumping in the park in summer

Any business is only as good as its team. Whether that team numbers three or thirty, everyone must have a role and play it to perfection. If you are running a business that relies on a team, you will want to know that the team can work together. You will want to get the best out of them.

The single best way to get your team gelling and working better is to get out there, throw them in the deep end and let them have some fun! Here are a great selection of ideas to get your colleagues working together.

Come rain come shine.

There is something about being outside that is rather refreshing, especially if your crew are office bound for much of the time. It will be a chance to see colleagues and employees in a completely new environment. This has many benefits. It allows the team to burn off some steam. It allows them to play. It also allows and encourages members to bond in ways that you might not expect. It can expose fears but at the same time, people can confront them and climb out of their comfort zones.

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A meal with a difference.

Not all outdoor experiences have to be extreme. You could simply organise a beach or park picnic. But rather than just allow people to bring their own food, you could encourage an element of organisation for say a BBQ or outdoor roast. When people start to come together and have to deal with even small challenges like this, teamwork and leadership come into play.

The day could be embellished with a series of games. Again, the organisation of these as well as the taking part can be a great way of bringing people together. There is nothing to say that all of this could not take place after a hike or even a mystery tour!

More physical options.

The outdoors can test the best of us. Why not book a time at a climbing centre? These can be indoors as well but the objective is still the same. Getting your workforce out of their comfort zone and encouraging different personalities to step up to the mark. A training session at an indoor centre could be followed by a day trip or otherwise for a spot for real rock climbing.


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Splashing around.

Everyone loves getting wet. Why not book a session with an outdoors survival camp? If you have access to water, a kayaking or whitewater rafting session could be exhilarating. Survival skills can be useful. You could get your group dropped off at a remote location and challenge them to find their way back!


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Add some fun.

Outdoor options such as paintballing, or off roading will give you opportunities to get messy and competitive. These activities can be a lot of fun, but also create some interesting dynamics.

The best activity centres offer corporate packages. Have you thought about go karting for example? Dodgems, bowling and laser gun activities all offer fun with the opportunity to build relationships.

The more you can get your team working together in different ways, the better their ability to do so will become. You will have a strong network who will find that they have a lot more in common than you or they realised. They will also be having a lot more fun and enjoying the fact that they are working in a supportive and creative environment.

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