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Be unique and profit


As a business owner, you know that price drives your market. While common goods chase the bottom price in quantities, quality climbs the ladder for a niche market and uniqueness sells every time – at your price.

So if you’re looking to sell at a price that you want to dictate, consider a few priceless steps.

The catch is to break the loop of just thinking that price drives the market. Price begets price. You offer a customer a price, they’ll simply focus on price. No matter what and at what quantity, the price will be diluted in the customer’s favour, and your profit base falls.

Think outside the box, innovate and then the price for a client comes secondary. The main selling point should be about uniqueness and service value. Remember, you can’t put a price on goodwill: you can’t see it, you can’t taste it, you can’t smell it.

But the goodwill between you and the client because you offer something different, something intrinsically unique, will have them coming back for more, and at a price you command.

To thrive in business is to offer a unique buying service, an out-of-this world experience, great customer rapport and service, or simply the product you offer. Be reliable, deliver and evolve to the client’s demands, and you can sell at your price.

For example, one client provides medical physicians that provide personal medical care in your home. No office waiting, no hassle and cost with transportation to the doctor’s.

Here’s how to create your uniqueness: Ask your customers about their frustrations when dealing with your industry. Find the bugbears they face and start solving them. Develop a rapport, know your clients and offer them that unique experience.

That gets them talking, and word-of-mouth advertising is the greatest recommendation for any business. Now, go create a unique experience for your customers!

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