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Your community, your business (Part 5 Marketing Series)


The most important issue today is fostering a community of customers with user-generated content.

Grow an active community by identifying customers who are advocating you and reward them.

Online businesses will offer discounts for customers writing reviews on social networks. Word-of-mouth impact is built in, so you can monitor new traffic the business drives by studying spikes in general traffic and social media traffic after customers share.

If you build an emotional connect between the customer and the product, then you will be on the road to success.

Big brands ask for user-generated content that celebrates their relationship and experiences with the brand. For example, Coca-Cola asks unique and searching questions to gain an emotional response.

Getting an emotional connect not only takes user-generated content to another level, it gives brands valuable feedback about what makes fans connect to their brand.


Over the past five weeks, we have helped you reel in customers, learn more about them and identify ‘brand beacons’ by finding ways to keep them engaged.

Engagement and growth go hand in hand. Using happy customers to spread the word to bring in highly targeted and qualified traffic is key. Your customers are your biggest ally, so use them and reap the rewards.

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