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Step away from saying: “I know”


Too many times when being enlightened, criticised or questioned about a business issue or tip, do you find yourself saying:

‘I know’.

Saying those two little words to an observer suggests you have the T-shirt and done it. But to an outsider dismissing them with ‘I know’ leaves an impression of arrogance, ignorance or more to the point, a closed mind unwilling to learn.

The “I know” syndrome stops us from seeking opportunities, from learning or growing, and blocks us from others’ knowledge and experiences.

Before you say “I know”  think about this: If “I know” this already, then how well am I applying it in my life and business? There’s a difference between “knowing” and “doing”.

As a business coach I often face people who strive for knowledge, attend seminars again and again, and read all the latest motivational books. They do everything, but never take any action.


Because they fall into the “I know it all” trap mode. The know-it-all trap is one of the worst. If you are in this trap you will have all the answers and excuses, but sabotage your growth and opportunity to achieve goals and dreams.

You will come up with different solutions (mostly excuses) to stop yourself doing the “Do” because you think you know it all and the outcome so you won’t take any action.

We all like to learn new things and we’re fascinated with knowing new tricks? But knowing is not the limiting factor. It’s the doing that’s the real issue.

So if  want to achieve, focus on the important tasks, do them consistently daily and see the real results. That’s why I say “knowing too much”  can be back fire on you.

No one is  ever going to be successful just by knowing. My advice: spend less time and energy learning new things and spend more energy doing what you already know.

With our clients we encourage them to adopt the 3MD (3 must do tasks everyday). If you can do the 3MD every day, within six months, your Business LifeStyle will reach a new level.

So start learning a little less and do more of the “Do”. I can assure you that your life and business will improve exponentially.

Change your mindset and try one of these statements when you engage in a conversation:

Wow! Isn’t that interesting!

What a great idea!

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

These expressions are powerful. They set you in a more positive state and you are ready to consider things in a different perspective.

So do it, today!

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Vinh Van Lam CoSydney & ArtSHINE

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