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Do you have a plan for your 2015?


We all know the story. The festive season is now over and you’re back in the daily grind. Some of us are on fire, but there are some  still struggling to find time to do business and strategic planning , and it’s only beginning of the year.

Don’t worry, it’s never too late and to tell you the true you are not alone.

To help you get a good start  this year. We have solutions for you:

Systems and Processes are the way to really think about your business and prioritise your goals.

“It’s not the future that you’re afraid of. It’s repeating the past.

You have the power to change”

~Vinh Van Lam


Things won’t change unless you do something about.

That’s why we’re running business workshops to help you create 2015 your most productive year.



How to create 2015 your most productive Year!‏

To achieve what you want in personal and business, firstly you need to set clear objectives and nut out your top goals for the year and outline a strategic plan in order to achieve them.

That’s what my Coaching Clients are focusing on right now and it’s some of the most critical work we do together.

In fact, this process is so critical to your business success that I’m doing something special that I’ve never done in the past….

I’m offering a business success action planner workshop where I’ll walk you through the same process I use with my VIP Clients to help them create a business model that help them achieve their personal and business objectives.

Come and join me “2015 Business Success action planner workshop” Your platform for HUGE Success in the New Year!”

Register for the workshop here!

This business workshop is ideal for new and established business who want to enjoy HUGE success — in business and life for 2015.

My private coaching clients invest thousands and thousands of dollars to tap into my 10 + years experience as a business  coach.

But I wanted to do something special to thank you for being part of CoSydney community and so I’m offering this valuable training for FREE!

Here’s what you and I will do together…

  • Clarify your income and purpose goals for 2015.
  • Identify which revenue streams, art, designs or products make the most sense for you to offer so that you achieve your 2015 goals.
  • Discover how to structure your business so you have the time, energy and resources to pursue your passions outside of your business.
  • Find out the #1 mistake business owners make when creating their annual business plan and exactly what to do to avoid it and much, much more!


You get immediate access to the downloadable business planner. You will use this helpful fill-in-the-blanks tool during the training to create your own customized Business Success Plan.

And More Tips

A Diary Planner to inspire and help you  achieve your objectives for 2015.

Sign up for “2015 Business action planner success workshop

Let me help you create your success plan for the 2015. Together we can make this process easy, fun and very worthwhile.


Let yourself SHINE in 2015


Want to learn more?

It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3…

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We’re here to help you to take action just like we’ve helped  thousands of other entreperneurs, artists, designers, and creative professionals all around the globe.

Now is the time to let your passion SHINE.

Now is the time to Make Tomorrow Today!

To your success,

Vinh Van Lam CoSydney & ArtSHINE

Creative Coach

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