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Combine two extremes to WIN!


Sometimes business can be like a dance: fast, fast, slow or slow, too fast, too slow. It’s a bit like the classic tale of the hare and the tortoise. And how can this parable help us in our business life ?

Well the characteristics of the hare is fast paced, an extrovert and confident. The tortoise is relaxed, slow, introvert, but competent. We all know the tortoise wins the race and the hare is a sore loser.

So in a business context are you a hare or a tortoise? If you’re a hare then you will need to think again. Equally, consider yourself a tortoise and you’ll need to look at yourself in the mirror. Why?

                                                             Hare + Tortoise = HARETOISE ™

“ The Hartoise” Illustration by By Anthony Van Lam

In business and in life, we just can’t be a hare or a tortoise. You need to have the characteristics of both. A Haretoise, if you will, for the perfect balance.

Because there will be times when you need to have the hare’s energy and confidence to get things done quickly , and there will be times when you need to have the Tortoise’ pace to map out what you need to do like setting goals and to plan your day.

So become a haretoise because a combination of both characteristics will enable you to power ahead slowly in business and life. Once you get these two balanced, you’ll have no problems switching between the two when you see fit.

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