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Be confident and competent


As a creative entrepreneur in business, has it dawned on you yet that you need to be both confident and competent in striking a happy balance in work and in life?

Adopting both helps you acknowledge your strengths and recognise your weaknesses. Success has everything do with you: how you feel, how you act and how you embrace who you really are.

As creatives you set goals according to your dreams and desires because, in our experience, all want to be successful and to be doing what they love most. So we tell clients to embrace both as they are essential characteristics in achieving.

CONFIDENCE: Your heartfelt belief in your ability to do a task.

COMPETENCE: Combine your abilities, skills and experiences to do a task well.

In our work, we see creative professionals falling into one of three groups:

Confident but lacks competence: Confident and talented with a clear focus on in their business, but not fully competent in business practice aspects;

Competent but lacks confidence: Uniquely talented and passionate, with an understanding, ability, and appreciation of a successful business practice. But lacks self-confidence to move beyond current experiences and reliant on others to confirm talents. Has the ability yet lacks the confidence, and, therefore, seldom achieves goals and dreams.

However, successful creative professionals fall into the third category:

Confident and competent:- Positive in their approach to business practice. Confident in their ability to achieve what they want and actively working towards their goals. Understand what it takes to be good at what they do and grateful for both their strengths and weaknesses. Constantly challenging themselves and learning new skills.

So, to achieve generally, the first step is to be competent. Build the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver the whole package.

Just as critical is your belief, having the confidence to take action, to do everything that’s necessary, to do what you know, and to use your talents to the best of your ability.

Both confidence and competence can be developed over time through learning, experiencing and gaining knowledge.

When you have a high level of competence and the confidence to act, you can succeed in any area of life.

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