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Back yourself to be confident

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Trust is a rare commodity in life that can’t be seen, smelt, tasted or felt. Its value is immeasurable, unlimited, but often mislaid or never utilised to its fullest.

Sound familiar? Because most people, as many as 99 percent, don’t back or even trust themselves. And yet, trust is borne out of repetition and is highly empowering .

For example, When I was in my twenties, my brother gifted me his old car. Yet when it was cold, the chances of the car starting were 50/50. Even when it started, it would stall half the time when I started to drive.

I began to dread every time I got in the car. Even when I was out of it that feeling of mistrust would linger and it made me more nervous about myself.

Today, do you think I put trust in my new car starting? Of course, because I haven’t had any issues with it. I have learnt to trust it will start because of that repeat result again and again.

So how do you learn to trust yourself? By getting that same result again and again. By achieving small, even tiny wins. That’s all.

When people don’t trust themselves, it’s usually because they’re taking on too much.

If you want to follow through on a New Year’s resolution, such as keeping fit to look and feel better – and it’s been years since you’ve paid attention to this sort of thing – forget about exercise routines and healthy eating plans. How about trying a new habit?

This is how I developed a healthy lifestyle by doing just one small goal at a time and gradually leading up to bigger goals. I started by having one healthy meal and gradually moved up.

Can you commit to one healthy meal? You’re not looking at a lunch. You just say: “Tomorrow for breakfast I’m having a healthy fruit bar.” Then you can eat lunch two hours later and decide what choice you’re going to make.

Experiment with that for a week, and maybe give yourself  a break of two days. The point is not to pressure yourself. Small wins matter more than the big picture ahead. Trust that you’ll get to that.

That one healthy breakfast is a small win. When you win, you gain confidence. Gain confidence, you gain trust. Then one day, you’ll realize: “Wow, I’ve been doing this for weeks and it really wasn’t that hard. Now I’m ready for… ” whatever that is. Get enough small wins, you can take on bigger goals

Whatever the goal, it’s all the same. If you’re not trusting yourself in one area of your life, chances are it’s affecting multiple areas. The content just changes. This time it’s eating. The next time it’s business. The next time it’s the children.

The truth is: if you trust yourself more, many issues in your life will just fade away!

Tell us what you think. Does any of this ring true for you? Share your experiences with us.


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