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5 frustrations of home working.


As business coaches, we understand the frustrations of working from home. If you are about to embark on a business and work home alone, we’ve identified 5 top frustrating issues. Because better warned is better prepared.

Feeling guilty: Now you’re home, you got what you wanted and you can spend more time with your family. However, you hit an imbalance: either you’re working too much and have no time for family or the kids demand more time, and you have no time for business.

We came up with a solution with one client to get her family on board. The children understood what she does and why. They created a family calendar with family time, mum and dad time, kids’ activities time and mum’s working time. So the more support from your partner and family, the better your business will turn out.

Pets: If anyone has mastered communicating with pets that work hours are from 9-5, meaning no fetch, walking and other games, then they’re on to a winner. Taking them out for an allotted walk time to give you a break will do wonders.

Interruptions: “Darling, the tradesman is coming at 2, the laundry needs to be done and don’t forget to pick up the kids from swimming at 4.” For some reasons, people don’t take you seriously when they hear “work from home” and think “Great, you can take care all of the stuff while I am at the real office with a real job.”  Our advice: be sure your partner and family understand work is work no matter where it is. Moreover, while housework needs doing, it’s not going to happen when you’re on a conference call or working on a deadline project.

Schedule: It’s so easy to feel you’re never off the clock, especially since technology has made it so easy to find you at any hour. You’re always in the office, your phone beeps, and it’s a late night email. Falling into this trap is a big problem for a lot of owners. As coaches, we encourage clients to set hours, to have their workspace somewhere with a door so they can walk away and, of course, to respect their own time.

System: Systems are a key ingredient to any successful business. So no exception for working from home. You need to establish a system quick and smart to suit your work and personal life. A system enables you to focus to get the work done and reach your goals.

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