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3 Tips to connect with your clients

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When you set up in business, there will always be a need to connect with customers. There are many ways to network and channel those sales leads, but how to meet and reap is the million dollar question. Here are three tips on how to forge long lasting connections;

Sussing a natural meet: Different customers dictate different circumstances. With your innate ability for business, try to judge the best approach. If you’re an artist, you may feel happier in your studio, or if you feel the need, ask for an email introduction. Whatever is naturally best for you, adopt it and replicate those effortless times in your meetings.

Fire yourself up: Sometimes it’s good to demonstrate what makes you passionate. What gets your blood boiling on the worst mistakes in business. Blast out a blog and see the positive reactions from your network.

Customers’ goals are yours! One of the best connections is to work in what your customers hope to achieve with the product you have. Rather than focus on the product, work on how it will enhance a person’s life. Pinpoint what people want to accomplish and you’ll be able to connect quicker and easier. On their terms, you will get great results

By emphasising your strengths and focusing on the client, you’ll be ready to ‘mine’ those genuine connections.

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